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I flew missions in the I CORP region including the DMZ, Ashau Valley, Ho Chi Minh trail, and also in Cambodia.One well-remembered mission included photo recon of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia which had fallen into Viet Cong hands.Four of my friends and I spent most every weekend at the beach, weather and other circumstances permitting, taking food and beverages for these children, some of which were orphans.When one or two of the children would not show up at the beach, the other children would tell us that they had died.The Mohawk was retired from active Army duty in 1996, but is still flying in several foreign countries and with some American historic aircraft museums.While stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington in 1969, I flew a Mohawk cross-country and landed in Pierre and visited my folks in Highmore.When I left Vietnam, I gave all of my clothing and boots to our house boy. Brandriet, Watertown, SDDave would be so excited about the upcoming celebration.He would want to share this time with fellow Vietnam Veterans, in particular his friend Jim Elkins from Watertown, SD, and his friends from the VEVA (Vietnam Era Veterans Association) group here in Pierre.

After 28 years of marriage it was one of the best things that I got out of the army.Everyone worked together, the chief nurse would come and help pass out meal trays.Since it was a draft army it was made up of everyone from every walk of life. I initially joined to help take care of the soldiers who were hurt since they did not ask to be there in the first place.Watch for a Mohawk in the memorial dedication flyover in 2006.That will be the second time a Mohawk has been in Pierre.

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I enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17 years, 11 months.